Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Before they said goodbye…

Two affairs. Betrayal. Guilt. And… hope.

Josh and Kara came to couples treatment after Josh had had two extramarital affairs.

A caring person ridden with guilt, Josh confessed his infidelity to Kara. He didn’t want to give up – he hoped they could somehow rebuild their relationship on foundations that would give both of them what they wanted.

Betrayed, hurt, and overwhelmed, Kara needed more time to decide whether she could find a way to trust Josh again.

They rebuilt something better.

Over several months, we worked with Josh and Kara, using the Integral model of discover, master, emerge. They did the work of exploring what went “wrong” in their relationship.

They learned about their own – and each other’s – defenses to understand the origin of their particular sensitivities and how they experience both love and safety in different ways.

They developed the tools they needed to feel anchored together in life – so they could work on mastering the art of feeling safe with themselves and each other.

Finally, they emerged – renewed – from a shared sense of safety and reciprocity in their relationship.

Relationship Therapy

Now, they’re enjoying each other – and life – again.

The work hasn’t stopped; they continue to work on building trust and intimacy every day.

The difference? Now, they feel they have the tools to make their relationship work for the long run.

And you can, too.

Communication problems, high reactivity, infidelity.

It’s painful to be hurt by the one you love – and to be the one doing the hurting!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can change all that – and we can help.


Through couples therapy.

Using the most advanced knowledge and tools available, we’ll help you untangle the complicated dynamics in your relationship, smooth out the conflicts, and get back to doing what you want to do with your partner… enjoying life!

In relationship therapy, you’ll discover the different defensive responses that trap all of us. We’ll show you how to rise above that defensiveness and move back into connection.

Armed with a deep knowledge of the mind/body connection, we’ll make sense of your conflicts for you – and show you exactly how you can rebuild safety and intimacy and have more play in your relationship.

Find your way back to each other and start enjoying your life together again!

Reach out today at (732) 825-7729. Let us help you repair the broken trust and make what you have even better.