Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Overwhelmed, confused, and lost!

Just because everything seems great on the outside, this is how you’re feeling on the inside. You’re tired of putting on a fake smile, feeling like a fraud, or that you’re going to be exposed.

Life changes have a way of stirring up our insecurities that, unfortunately, few people take the time to notice and that we do our damnedest to hide, leaving us feeling shame and fear.

But therapy can help.

Yes, standard one-on-one therapy (not the type where you’re lying on a couch, though☺) focused on what’s most important… YOU!

In this type of therapy, we’ll connect, learn, and introduce you to innate strengths inside yourself you may not have known were there. You’ll walk away feeling lighter, more confident, and ready to move through the world with the freedom, courage, and mindset to propel you to the next plateau of your life.

Individual Therapy

How does it work?

One transition that stimulates people to enter individual therapy is job changes or work stress. Here’s an example of our philosophy and how we handle it:

We know you live in a culture where people often equate status with titles and self-worth with productivity. That’s why it’s no wonder why feelings of inadequacy and grief surface after losing a job, getting a poor review, or changing jobs.

Sometimes, your work habits are driven by deep-seated needs that no one ever met when you were growing up. Later in life, you may internalize the belief that if you only worked hard enough or achieved a high status in society you would receive the love you need.

The connection between external achievements and self-worth leads many to experience shame about themselves. Getting fired, leaving a job, or learning a new job can stir up this sense of shame and inadequacy.

If you’re feeling this way, don’t worry! You’ll get through it with some help and guidance. We’re here to offer you a path forward, using cutting-edge, scientific knowledge and tools that will transform the way you approach your professional life so that you never define yourself by external standards again!

Discover your inner strength. Materialize your goals.

Call us at (732) 825-7729, and let us help you get your life to the next level.